Doug Uloth

Attorney at Law

For Doug Uloth, transactional work was a natural evolution of his interest in business litigation. In his years of litigation experience, he developed a keen eye for noticing when — and how — things went wrong for businesses. He realized that many business disputes could be avoided altogether with the proper drafting and review of contracts from the beginning of the process. Now, Doug Uloth strives to guide all of his clients to satisfying resolutions with an honest, straightforward approach to business law.

Practice Areas

Business Transactions

When your company needs guidance in business formation and incorporation, or representation in contract negotiation, a business transactions attorney can help.

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Business Litigation

I have helped clients navigate contract and lease disputes, business torts and fraud claims, and consumer lawsuits. Allow a skilled and experienced litigator to take the lead.

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Business Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy of a business, or of its customers or clients, can be complicated. Let Uloth, P.C. help you protect your rights and manage your assets effectively.

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For more than three decades, I have served the transactional and litigation needs of Texans. I know how important it is to offer a principled, proactive approach to commercial law, which is why I fight for your business’s best interests, every single time.

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Case Results

Businesses in Dallas and the rest of Texas view me as a trusted source of legal guidance. I can never promise any particular result or outcome, but I guarantee full commitment to each and every one of my clients at Uloth, P.C.

Guiding You Through Each Step of the Legal Process

Businesses thrive on collaboration, honesty, and grit. When your business needs legal counsel for a transaction or litigation issue, you should trust the very same principles that allowed your business to grow in the first place. At my firm, I collaborate with each and every client to hear their unique story, formulate strategies suited to their goals, and seek positive results so they can move forward. Nothing is possible without collaboration and communication. 

If you seek trusted and experienced legal guidance for business transactions, business bankruptcy, or business litigation, reach out to my firm, Uloth, P.C., in Addison, Texas to schedule an initial case evaluation today. Allow me to guide you through the legal process so you can keep your focus on what really matters in your business.


It’s important that the lines of communication are open between you and your attorney. At Uloth, P.C., I encourage honesty and authenticity when it comes to your business: What are your goals? What are your concerns? I ask these questions to ensure nothing is left to chance when it comes to your business and its growth.


The law can only get you so far. I'm here to provide the knowledge, tools, and freedom to use the law to your advantage as you seek the results you deserve. Beyond that, your future is in your hands. For excellent guidance in the Dallas area, including Addison and Plano, contact my firm, Uloth, P.C., today.

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