Conscientious & Capable

Doug Uloth is among the most conscientious and capable attorneys with whom I have had the pleasure to work with for more than twenty years. I have referred many matters to Doug, generally business litigation, corporate, and complex bankruptcy matters. My clients report good results.

-Andrea (Attorney)

Principled Practice

I have had the pleasure of knowing Doug Uloth for 24 years now. My opinion of him throughout that time has been unwavering: he's highly intelligent, knowledgeable, well-disciplined, and principled. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer with his expertise.

-Hamilton (Attorney)

Courteous & Confident

As the owner of a small business, hiring a lawyer to represent you can be an extremely stressful ordeal. Doug Uloth went out of his way to ensure not only my own understanding of the law, but also my staff who worked with him. He was courteous as well as confident with his knowledge of my case. I have worked with Doug on several things over the last few years and would not hesitate to highly recommend him to others.

-Sara (President/CEO - Manufacturing Industry)

Impeccably Honest

Over the past 10 years, Doug Uloth has helped me with several legal matters, both personal and corporate--everything from preparing my will to drafting and negotiating a cell tower lease to advice on a corporate fraud case, and other matters in between. You will not find a more reputable attorney than Doug. He is diligent, brilliant on a broad range of matters, and impeccably honest. An important thing for me as a small business owner is that Doug is always sensitive to the cost/benefit of his work. He will also tell you upfront if a subject does not fall under his expertise and will recommend an attorney he feels can best handle it. I highly recommend Doug Uloth.

-John (Corporate President)

A Consummate Professional

Doug is the consummate professional. He handled a very "sticky" situation for us, a California company. The issue resolved quickly and positively in our favor!

-Sue (Corporate Officer)

An Excellent Job

Doug did an excellent job in both explaining the circumstances around the lawsuit and designing the defense of the suit. Doug was very specific in laying out the details and gave great advice as to next steps as the suit progressed. he was very professional at all times and his demeanor was relaxed but extremely informative. all through the process was enduring it was a comfort to know he was my counsel. I became more confident as the process unfolded. Doug also was very upfront about the expense of this suit and was very time sensitive and constantly managed expenses. Overall very knowledgeably, communicative, responsive, while being supportive.


Attention to Detail

Mr. Douglas Uloth guided my wife and I through a very complex family estate issue. He is a master at attention to detail. All responses were within minutes after contact. I highly recommend Mr. Uloth!


Always Responds

Has always been well informed and helpful. Always responds back personally and in a timely manner.

-Randy (Owner and Vice-President)

Honest & Direct

Doug is very responsive, honest and direct. I will call on him in the event I require legal assistance.

-Dave Thompson (President/CEO C&W Services, Inc.)

Reliable Every Time

Doug is an absolute Professional! He is prompt, prepared, thorough and reliable EVERY TIME. Couldn't run my business without him!

-Myra Ross