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Important Steps to Take When Your Business Is Being Sued

Doug Uloth Nov. 1, 2021

According to a study by the Small Business Administration, about 36% to 53% of small businesses have to deal with a lawsuit every year. The majority of business owners in Texas agree that avoiding lawsuits can save their business a lot of time, money, and needless stress. However, business disputes and lawsuits may be completely unavoidable at times. If your business is being sued, retaining an experienced Texas business litigation attorney is crucial for detailed guidance on the next steps to take.

With over 34 years of extensive experience, I have devoted my career to offering experienced legal services and strong representation to clients in business litigation and dispute-related matters. As your legal counsel, I can evaluate every last detail of your case and explore your possible legal options. I will fight diligently to protect your business interests and offer you the vigorous representation you need in your commercial lawsuits.

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Common Business Lawsuits

Several types of lawsuits may occur in a business setting. Some common business lawsuits include:

  • Breach of contract.

  • Partnership disputes.

  • Commercial leases.

  • Sale of goods.

If you’re involved in a business dispute or commercial lawsuit, an experienced attorney can evaluate your unique situation, fight vigorously to protect your rights, and enlighten you about the important steps to take.

Steps to Take When Your Business Is Being Sued

When your business is being sued, here is what you should do:

Take Note of Important Deadlines: Take note of crucial deadlines, such as a deadline to respond, case management deadlines, and the deadline for discovery. If you miss the deadline, the court may enter a default judgment against you, including monetary damages or placing a lien on your property.

Hire an Attorney Immediately: Once you have been served with the suit papers, hire an attorney to help review them carefully and respond within required deadlines. Your attorney can evaluate the legitimacy of the complaint against you and determine the best course of action.

Be Conscious of What You Do and Say: Stay acutely aware of your behavior. Avoid negative comments or any other action that can inadvertently worsen the situation.

Gather Applicable Records/Documentation: Gather all of the records and documentation you may have about the party that is suing your business and provide them to your lawyer. Your attorney can review relevant records and use such information as part of your legal defense strategy.

Investigate the Claim Internally: Conduct an internal investigation on the complaint levied against your business. Your attorney can help investigate the issue and gather the necessary evidence.

Inform Your Insurance Company: If you have general liability insurance coverage, you should notify your insurer that your business is being sued. Your insurance provider may help you with legal representation, cover the cost of legal defense, and may even cover the judgment award if the plaintiff wins.

Be Honest with Your Attorney: Finally, ensure that you are completely honest with your attorney. When they know all the facts, they can help outline the best possible defense strategy for your unique situation.

When a customer or entity files a lawsuit against your business, it is crucial that you act quickly to enable you to handle the situation appropriately. A knowledgeable attorney can explore your available legal options and apply an effective defense strategy against the business lawsuit.

Get Help from an Experienced Business Litigation Attorney

Navigating commercial lawsuits in Texas often involve a lot of complicated procedures. Unfortunately, business lawsuits consume a lot of money, time, and can be unpredictable and unfair. Therefore, if your business is being sued, it is important that you work closely with an experienced business litigation attorney to enlighten you about the necessary steps to take and help you navigate intelligent decisions.

At Uloth, P.C., I’m dedicated to providing comprehensive legal guidance and reliable representation to clients in their business lawsuits. As your legal counsel, I can review all of the facts of your unique situation, enlighten you about the next steps to take, and represent you through every phase of the legal proceedings.

Contact Uloth, P.C. today to schedule a simple case evaluation with a knowledgeable commercial litigation attorney. I can offer you the detailed legal counsel, strong advocacy, and comprehensive representation you need in your business lawsuit. My firm is proud to serve clients in Dallas, Addison, and Plano, Texas.