Working with an Experienced Business Transactions Attorney

Doug Uloth Sept. 23, 2021

There is always so much at stake in owning and operating a business. No matter what kind of business you own, actions taken in the short-term can have long-term ramifications, personally and financially. However, in the storm and stress of growing your company, it can be easy to neglect the many legal processes that constitute the foundation of any successful enterprise. With so much on the line, it’s the job of a skilled business transactions attorney to keep you and your business grounded and focused on what matters.

One of my goals at Uloth, P.C. is to help individuals and businesses make wise decisions so that they can maximize their potential for growth and minimize risk. As a trusted law firm in the Dallas area, I’ve helped clients navigate the legal, financial, and practical aspects of a variety of business agreements and transactions so that their company can reach its potential.

You’ve worked hard to grow your business. Contact Uloth, P.C. in Dallas, Texas for a consultation so you can continue reaching your business goals.

Frequent Kinds of Business Transactions

At Uloth, P.C., I provide comprehensive legal services for my business transaction clients. Some of the most common services include:

I have more than three decades of experience assisting clients throughout Plano, Addison, and the Greater Dallas area. Reach out to Uloth, P.C. to learn more about how your unique situation might benefit from legal counsel.

Skilled Guidance in Contracts & Leases

I understand the importance—and the challenge—of drafting, reviewing, and negotiating various documents in the business world. My business transaction services extend to the guidance in contracts such as stock and asset sales agreements, vendor/supplier agreements, licensing agreements, and more. As a seasoned attorney, I not only review business contracts with an eye for detail but also remain aware of the bigger picture for you and your business. I pay careful attention to your case to ensure that the contracts you meant to sign are the ones you actually have signed, giving you peace of mind to run your business as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The costs for leasing office space, or moving to a new office, can be prohibitive to the growth of your business. You shouldn’t let such issues stop your company from thriving. I can assist in the review and negotiation of commercial leases, giving you more control over this foundational element of your business.

Straightforward Counsel You Can Rely On

If I take on your case, I will go to work for you with efficiency, courtesy, and honesty. Here at Uloth P.C., I do not sugarcoat the truth or give you false visions of what to expect from your case. I never compromise my principled approach to business law because it’s only through transparency that you and your company can grow. This approach to business transactions has earned me the respect of the Texas legal community.

How a Business Transactions Attorney Can Help

Whether you're starting up a business or making decisions for an established entity, reliable legal counsel is essential to navigating the complex issues your company is bound to face. Often, business owners are so deeply invested in their companies that when these issues arise, their emotions cloud their best judgment, making it difficult to sustain growth.

At Uloth, P.C., I work with businesses of all types, attending to the legal details so you can grow and thrive as a company. I take the time to better understand your goals, your company, and its structure to determine the strategy that best suits you. As I guide you through the decisions you will make regarding your business transactions, remember the importance of remaining grounded, clear-headed, and honest throughout the process.